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Sam Chong, Shodan

     I started studying Judo in 1995 during my junior year in high school at the Scottsdale Judo Club under Sensei Walt Sweet (5th Dan). In 1998, I moved to Riverside California to attend La Sierra University and I trained at what is now the Riverside Judo Dojo under Tadashi Hiraoka (7th Dan). In 2000, I transferred to Andrews University in southwestern Michigan.  I had difficulty finding a good dojo but I continued to compete in the regional tournaments such as the Great Lakes Open and Michigan State Championships.

     After completing my undergraduate degree, I took a couple years off to focus on my career.  I relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona and began training at Scottsdale Martial Arts Center under the instruction of Patty Laiacona (4th Dan) in the Spring of 2007. Sensei Phil Brier (5th Dan) took over instruction at the club in September of 2007. I trained with Sensei Brier until just recently when I moved to California.  I am residing in the San Jose area and training with the Stanford Judo Club under Raul Tamayo (4th Dan).

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