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I feel that the relationship between a sensei and the judoka is more than that of teacher and student.  We are a team that must work together, communicating and giving feedback in both directions.  The quality of this feedback will have a direct effect on motivation and performance.  Now, let’s get started!

My attitude is always positive. When you’re feeling less than inspired, I know how to motivate you without being aggressive or disrespectful.I’m not only your sensei but I’m your advocate and cheerleader.

About The Judo Club


I have been studying Judo and Japanese Ju Jitsu for more than 40 years.  I have been fortunate enough to train with some of the very best instructors and competitors.  My training and abilities have been recognized through certifications from both the US Judo Association and the US Judo Federation.  I have the experience and training to get you to a new level.

Understanding Your Situation

     Jigoro Kano's first principle of Judo is Seiryoku Zenyo which means that the judoka (judo practitioner) should achieve maximum efficiency with respect to their mental and physical energy. To Sensei Kano, the system should incorporate only techniques that keep judoka from spending too much physical and mental energy. One should use the energy of one's opponent to defeat his or her aggression.

     I feel that my education is what sets me apart from other martial arts instructors.  As a mechanical engineer with an MBA, I have spent all of my adult life looking for ways to maximize results while minimizing the effort required to achieve those results.  If a student is struggling with a technique then there is a biomechanical reason why.  I observe, analyze, and make the appropriate corrections to the student’s technique so that they will become successful.  Also, if a student is struggling with my method of instruction then I adjust and adapt my approach to better suit the student.

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